Race for Life 2024

10 June 2024
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Race for Life 2024

Huge congratulations to our amazing ladies who represented the Holyrood Dental Care team and completed the Race for Life 2024.

Our team of tooth fairies swapped their scrubs for running shoes and showed the world that they can tackle more than just tricky molars. With determination in their hearts and a bit of floss in their pockets (just in case!), they conquered the course with smiles that could light up the entire city.

From dodging the occasional wayward squirrel to sprinting towards the finish line like they were late for their favorite Netflix show, our ladies truly made us proud. Not only did they run for a great cause, but they also proved that dental pros know how to have a good time while making a difference.

Here’s to all the laughs, the sweat, and the celebratory post-race ice creams. Well done, team!

Stay tuned for more adventures and toothy tales from the Holyrood Dental Care crew. Until then, keep smiling and remember: whether it’s a race or a routine check-up, we’ve got your back (and your teeth) covered!

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