• My past visits to the dentists had seen a lot of bad unhappy experiences, after all those bad experiences and being a nervous person when I had toothache or mouth problems the thought of going to the dentist filled me with fear and dread. When Mr Zadora become my dentist it came as a great relief that I had found a dentist that changed all that. Having dental work done by Mr Zadora was relatively painless and I really felt that I was being treated from a dentist with great experience and dentistry skills and to make it even better Mr Zadora took time to ask you all the right questions in his caring and reassuring manner so as to give you the best dental care. Also I had problems with an upper denture that I found hard to wear or eat with, Mr Zadora made me a new denture and the difference in comparison with my old one was really so much better, it fitted so well and it looked so natural against my own teeth, my social life improved so much with my new denture, having confidence to smile again and eat better meant a lot to my life. I highly recommend Mr Zadora as a top dentist to anyone with dental problems of any kind, having Mr Zadora as my dentist solved all of my tooth problems and fears.

Mr Edward Whyte

  • I had to have my tooth extracted. I was nervous but the dentist Dr Zadora put my mind at rest. The procedure didn’t take long and was painless, my recovery went smoothly and comfortably. I went for private treatment and have to say the difference in quality of life over what's available on the publicly funded healthcare system really does make the difference. I can't thank Dr Zadora enough.

Richard S.

  • In 2014 I had a problem with my upper denture. Dr Zadora made a new one for me within a few days and I am delighted with the results. The whole procedure was painless and didn’t take much time. The denture is very comfortable and do not move or rub my gums. Thank you Dr Zadora, you have given me back my confidence and peace of mind. I would highly recommend Holyrood Dental Care for their dental treatment.

Mark K.

  • I have been suffering from headaches for a long time, taking painkillers constantly, waking up tired every morning. Then a friend of mine recommended Dr Zadora. I was fitted with a shield which I wore at night times. This affected my sleep immediately. I am more restful in the morning and my headaches much lessened. After a few weeks all my symptoms have disappeared as the pressure had been released around my teeth and jaw. I am absolutely delighted with the result and can thoroughly recommend Dr Zadora to anyone.


  • Very friendly, excellent service!