Fees for NHS patients

Some common examples of NHS treatments and fees in our practice:

New patient examination Free
Recall examination (every 6 months) Free
Simple gum treatment (scale & polish) £11.68
2 small X-rays £5.12
Small amalgam (silver) filing - contains Mercury £7.96
Large amalgam (silver) filing - contains Mercury £20.40
Single crown (front tooth) £77.36
Root canal treatment (front tooth) £43.00
Complete upper or lower acrylic dentures £161.52

Maximum charge for any one course of NHS treatment is £384.00.
The fees that you pay are NHS fees set by the Scottish Government, not the practice. Patient may receive a full itemised estimation of the cost before the treatment commences, ask your dentist. Many patients are exempt from NHS dental charges, they do not need to pay anything. Find out if you are exempt from dental charges here.

When appointment is missed, cancelled or cancelled at short notice the team is unable to care for any other patient during that time. This means everyone has to wait longer for their treatment and that significantly increases the cost the providing our services.
At Holyrood Dental Care we think it is unfair.

  • If you miss an appointment or cancel it without 24 hours notice, an appriopriate fee could be charged.
  • You still have to pay this charge even you are normally exempt from dental charges.
  • You may lose your registration if you miss or cancel an appointment without adequate notice.

If you have any questions regarding NHS treatment, please contact the clinic on 0131 557 0202.