Discover Excellence in Dental Implants at Holyrood Dental Care

4 July 2024
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Holyrood Dental Care is proud to be an accredited implant center by the renowned BTI Biotechnology Institute.

BTI, a leading dental company, excels in the design and manufacture of dental implants, prosthetic components, and surgical instruments. Their dedication to innovation, education, and quality makes them a preferred choice for dental surgeons globally.

Dr. Bruno Maia has been collaborating with BTI for many years. His commitment to their values and technology has led to remarkable outcomes for his patients. Experience top-tier dental care and cutting-edge implant solutions at Holyrood Dental Care, where Dr. Maia integrates BTI’s exceptional products to enhance patient smiles and health.

Additionally, patients can book a free implant consultation with Dr. Maia to explore their options and learn more about how BTI implants can benefit them. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive personalized advice and exceptional care.

For more information about BTI, visit BTI Biotechnology Institute. To book your free consultation, contact Holyrood Dental Care on 01315570202 today!

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